International programme committee

M. Altarelli (European XFEL)
H. Dosch (DESY)
T. Ishikawa (RIKEN SPring-8)
F. Parmigiani (University of Trieste)
C. Pellegrini (UCLA)
J. Stöhr (SLAC)

Local organising committee

Th. Tschentscher (European XFEL, chair)
E. Weckert (DESY, chair)
J. Feldhaus (DESY)
I. Gembalies (European XFEL)
M. Kreuzeder (DESY)
A. Madsen (European XFEL)
M. Meyer (European XFEL)
E. Plönjes (DESY)


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This satellite meeting to the 11th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation in Lyon, France (SRI2012) will provide an overview of the science applications from atomic physics to life science having been addressed in the first years of operation. Beyond this presentation of the current status of FEL science, new directions will be addressed for which FELs are expected to provide breakthroughs in coming years and the related challenges to X-ray instrumentation will be highlighted.

Invited speakers

Opening speech
J. Ullrich, MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg

Plenary talks
C. Bressler, European XFEL
H. Chapman, CFEL
C. David, PSI
H.A. Dürr, SLAC
Z. Huang, SLAC
B. Nagler, Berkeley
J.-M. Rost, MPI Dresden
K. Ueda, Tohoku University
M. Vrakking, MBI Berlin

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